How Much are Original Squinkies Worth

Squinkies Originals are popular European toys. They are made of hard plastic and are collectible, just like real toys.

If you’re a child of the 80s, you probably remember Squinkies. These small, colorful toys were all the rage in the late 2000s. But what are they worth now?

Are they worth anything at all? Original Squinkies are actually quite valuable. They can sell for anywhere from $20 to $200, depending on the condition and rarity of the toy.

So, if you have some old Squinkies lying around, dust them off and see if you have a valuable collector’s item!

If you grew up in the late 2000s, chances are you had a few Squinkies. These little silicone toys were all the rage for a while, and even though they’re not as popular now, that doesn’t mean they’re not worth anything. In fact, some original Squinkies can fetch quite a high price on the secondary market.

So, how much are original Squinkies worth? It depends on a few factors, such as which characters you have and whether or not they’re in mint condition. Generally speaking, however, you can expect to get anywhere from $5 to $50 per Squinky.

Of course, if you have a rare character or one that’s particularly coveted by collectors, you could get even more money for it. So if you’ve got some old Squinkies lying around, it might be time to see what they’re worth!

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Rare Squinkies

If you’re a child of the 80’s, you may remember collectible toys like Squinkies. These little rubber toys were all the rage a few years ago, and now they’re making a comeback in the form of rare Squinkies. What are rare Squinkies?

They’re simply Squinkies that are no longer being manufactured. This means that they’re becoming increasingly difficult to find, and as such, their value is rising. If you have a collection of Squinkies or if you’re thinking about starting one, then here are some tips on how to find rare Squinkies.

1. Check online auction sites like eBay. You might be surprised at what you can find on these sites. Just do a search for “rare Squinkies” and see what comes up.

2. Check out online forums dedicated to collecting Squinkies. These forums are great places to connect with other collectors and learn about where to find rareSquinkies . 3 .

Try your local toy stores or second-hand stores . Sometimes these types of stores will have old stock ofSquink ies that are no longer being made . It’s always worth checking!

4 . Keep your eyes peeled when you’re out and about . You never know when you might spot a rareSquinky in someone else’s collection or even on the street !

5 Follow manufacturers and retailers that sellSqui nkies on social media . They might announce new releases or special sales that could help you snag a rarefind . With these tips in mind , happy hunting for those elusive rareSmileys!

How Much are Original Squinkies Worth


When Did They Stop Selling Squinkies?

On October 5, 2012, Spin Master announced that they would no longer be selling Squinkies. The company cited poor sales as the reason for discontinuing the product.

How Many Squinkies are There?

There are currently over 400 different Squinkies available for purchase. The vast majority of these are individual, unique characters, with only a small handful being multiples of the same character. There have been several limited edition runs of Squinkies, as well as some speciality packs (such as those containing characters from specific Disney properties).

When Did Squinkies Start?

Squinkies first hit store shelves in August 2009. The line was created by Blip Toys, a company based in Los Angeles, California. The original Squinkies were small, soft rubber toys that came in a variety of animal shapes.

They were dispensed from plastic capsules, similar to those used for vending machine toys. The line proved to be popular with kids and soon expanded to include licensed characters from properties like Disney Princesses, Marvel superheroes, and My Little Pony. In 2011, the company released a line of collectible figurines called Squinkies Bubbles.

These toys came packaged in clear plastic balls that could be opened to reveal the surprise figure inside. Today, Squinkies are still going strong. There are now hundreds of different characters to collect, and the line has spawned several spin-offs including Squinkies Do Drops (a matching game) and Squinkies Cupcakes (a baking playset).

Who Made Squinkies?

Squinkies were first created by a company called Blip Toys in 2009. The original Squinkies were small, collectible figurines that came in a variety of different colors and designs. Since then, Squinkies have evolved into a much broader product line that includes everything from activity books to playsets.

While Blip Toys is no longer in business, the Squinkies brand has been picked up by several different toy companies over the years and continues to be popular with kids all over the world.


Some people may think that Original Squinkies are not worth very much, but there are actually some collectors out there who are willing to pay a pretty penny for them. Squinkies were first introduced in 2008 and quickly became a hit with kids and adults alike. They are small, soft toys that come in a variety of different shapes and colors.

While some people may see them as nothing more than simple trinkets, others view them as valuable collectibles. There are even websites dedicated to Original Squinkies where people can buy, sell, or trade them. So, how much are they really worth?

It all depends on who you ask.

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