How Much are the California Raisins Figures Worth

The raisin figure’s worth is $24.95. According to the California Raisin Advisory Board, it’s .25 cents per raisin.

These days, it seems like everything is worth a pretty penny. Whether it’s a antique vase or a piece of art, people are always looking to get the most bang for their buck. So, how much are those California Raisins figures worth?

Well, that all depends. If you’re looking to sell your California Raisins figures, then you’re in luck. These collectibles are currently selling for around $200 on eBay.

However, if you’re looking to purchase these same figures, be prepared to pay upwards of $500. Why the large price difference? It all has to do with supply and demand.

Currently, there is a high demand for California Raisins figures due to their recent resurgence in popularity. However, there is a limited supply of these figures available on the market. This combination has resulted in inflated prices for these sought-after collectibles.

Are you a fan of the California Raisins? If so, you may be wondering how much those collectible figures are worth. The answer depends on a few factors, including the condition of the figure and whether or not it is complete with all accessories.

Generally speaking, most California Raisins figures are worth between $5 and $20. However, there are some rarer figures that can be worth considerably more. For example, a complete set of four figures from the TV special “A Claymation Christmas Celebration” recently sold for over $600!

So, if you have any California Raisins figures collecting dust in your attic, it’s definitely worth taking a closer look at them to see if they could be worth some serious cash.

Most Valuable California Raisins Figures

In 1986, the California Raisins were born. These lovable characters were created to promote California’s raisin industry and quickly became a pop culture sensation. The original lineup of the California Raisins included Red, Sunny, Ray (later renamed as Scorch), Banana and A&C (later renamed as Beebop and Slick).

Over the years, many other raisins have been introduced, but these five remain the most popular. Today, the California Raisins are still going strong and are beloved by fans all over the world. In fact, they’ve even got their own line of collectible figures!

Here is a look at some of the most valuable California Raisins figures out there: 1. Original Release Red Figure – $500+ This figure is from the very first release of California Raisins figures in 1986.

It features Red, the leader of the group, in his classic pose with arms raised above his head. This figure is highly sought-after by collectors and can sell for upwards of $500! 2. Sunny Figure – $200+

Sunny was one of the original five California Raisins and remains a fan-favorite to this day. This figure shows him playing a trumpet and is from the second release of figures in 1987. It can sell for around $200 or more depending on condition.

3. Scorch Figure – $150+ Scorch was originally released as Ray but was later renamed due to trademark issues with another company’s character named Rayman. This figure shows him playing guitar and is from 1988 .

It’s not as rare as some of the other figures on this list but can still fetch a decent price tag of around $150 or more .

How Much are the California Raisins Figures Worth


What are the Original California Raisins Worth?

In 1966, the California Raisin Advisory Board was created to promote the use of raisins in food products. The original California raisins are worth around $1,600 per ton.

How Many Sets are in California Raisins?

The California raisin industry produces about 80% of the world’s raisins. The average yield per vine is about 28 pounds, and a typical harvest season lasts from mid-August to mid-October. There are approximately 2,000 growers in California, and the vast majority of them are located in the San Joaquin Valley.

A raisin set is defined as the number of dried grapes that cluster together on a stem. The average cluster size for California raisins is 55 berries. This means that there are approximately 3 sets (or 165 berries) in each pound of raisins.

How Many California Raisin Characters are There?

There are six California Raisin characters: Armando, Carmen, Beebop, Red, Rudy and Stretch.

What were the Names of the California Raisins?

The California Raisins were a fictional group of anthropomorphic raisins that was created in 1986. The original line-up consisted of Red, Green, Blue and Purple. In 1987, they were joined by two new members: Yellow and Brown.

The characters were created by the California Raisin Advisory Board as part of a marketing campaign to promote the consumption of California-grown raisins. The campaign was so successful that it led to the creation of several spin-off products, including a Saturday morning cartoon series, toys, and a feature film. While the original line-up of the California Raisins has remained unchanged over the years, there have been several changes made to their back story.

Originally, they were all said to be former jazz musicians who gave up their music careers to become raisins. However, this origin story was later changed and it was instead said that they were always raisins who just loved singing and playing instruments. The California Raisins have been featured in numerous commercials over the years; however, their most famous appearance is probably in Michael Jackson’s 1988 hit single “Bad”.

In the music video for the song, Jackson can be seen dancing with a group of anthropomorphic raisins who are dressed like him.

Hardee’s California Raisins 1988 Figure and Plush Collection | The PopComplex


The California Raisins are a beloved American icon, and their figures are highly sought after by collectors. But how much are they actually worth? The value of a California Raisin figure depends on a few factors, including its condition, rarity, and age.

Generally speaking, the older and more rare the figure is, the more valuable it will be. Condition is also important; a figure in mint condition will be worth more than one that is damaged or missing parts. If you’re thinking of selling your California Raisins figures, do some research first to get an idea of what they might be worth.

You can check online auction sites or consult with an expert to get a better idea of what your figures are worth.

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