How Much Do Swim Officials Get Paid

Swim officials get $20.00 to $250.00 for any meet they officiate.

Swim officials are responsible for ensuring the fairness and safety of swimming competitions. They are typically paid hourly, and their wages can vary depending on the level of competition and the size of the meet. Officials at local meets may earn around $20 per hour, while those working at major national competitions can make up to $200 per hour.

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If you’re wondering how much swim officials get paid, the answer may surprise you. While some make a comfortable wage, others are paid very little. Here’s a look at what different levels of swim officials make:

Referees: Referees are the head honchos of the swim meet and are responsible for making sure that everything runs smoothly. They typically make around $30 per hour. Starters: Starters are in charge of starting each race and making sure that swimmers are lined up correctly.

They usually make $25 per hour. Judges: Judges are responsible for scoring each race and determining who wins and loses. They typically make $20-$22 per hour.

So, there you have it! The next time you’re at a swim meet, be sure to give a big thank you to the officials who are working hard to keep things running smoothly!

North Texas Swimming Officials

North Texas Swimming Officials (NTSO) are a group of dedicated men and women who officiate swim meets in the North Texas region. They are committed to providing a fair and enjoyable experience for all participants, while maintaining the highest standards of safety and sportsmanship. NTSO is an affiliate of USA Swimming, the national governing body for the sport of swimming in the United States.

NTSO members are required to complete a training program that covers rules, regulations, officiating procedures, and ethics. Once they have successfully completed the training program, they are certified by USA Swimming as officials. NTSO officials are responsible for enforcing the rules of the sport and ensuring that all swimmers compete fairly.

They also play an important role in keeping meet participants safe by monitoring pool conditions and administering first aid when necessary. If you are interested in becoming an NTSO official, please visit our website or contact us at [email protected] We welcome new members and look forward to serving the North Texas swimming community!

How Much Do Swim Officials Get Paid


Do Ncaa Swim Officials Get Paid?

Yes, NCAA swim officials do get paid. The amount they are paid depends on the level of competition and the size of the meet. For example, officials at a Division I meet may be paid $100 or more per day, while officials at a small college meet may be paid only $50 per day.

What Do Swim Officials Do?

Swim officials play an important role in competitive swimming. They are responsible for enforcing the rules of the sport and ensuring that all competitors are treated fairly. They also have a responsibility to ensure that the competition is conducted in a safe and orderly manner.

Swim officials typically work on a volunteer basis, although they may receive some compensation for their time and expenses. Some officials are employed by swim clubs or governing bodies, while others work independently. The most common duties of swim officials include:

– Checking pool dimensions and water depth to ensure they meet competition standards – Measuring swimming lanes to ensure they are equal in width – Checking starting blocks and backstroke ledges to make sure they meet regulation height requirements

– Inspecting swimming costumes to make sure they comply with rule guidelines – Supervising warm-up sessions – officiating races

– recording results – issuing warnings and disqualifications as necessary.

How Do You Become a Ncaa Swim Official?

In order to become an NCAA swim official, one must first complete the officials training program through USA Swimming. Once this program is completed, then the individual can register as an official with the NCAA. There are several levels of officiating, and each level has specific requirements that must be met in order to progress to the next level.

The first level of officiating is regional, and officials at this level typically work at smaller meets or invitationals. To advance to the national level, officials must work at least two NCAA Division I Championships and pass a written exam. Officials who wish to advance to the international level must be approved by the FINA Technical Open Water Committee.

What Do Swim Officials Wear?

Swim officials, also known as judges, are responsible for making sure that competitions are fair and safe. They wear a variety of clothing depending on the level of competition and the organization hosting the event. For example, at an Olympic trials event, officials would be expected to wear a business suit.

However, at a local swim meet, it is more common to see officials wearing khaki pants and a polo shirt with the logo of the swim meet. No matter what they are wearing, all officials must have their credentials visible at all times. This usually takes the form of a badge or lanyard that clearly displays their name and position within the organization.

Officials also carry stopwatches and other tools to help them do their job effectively.


Swim officials are paid per event. The average pay is $25-$35 per event. There are also travel and lodging expenses that must be covered by the swim official.

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