How Much Does It Cost to Live at the Arbors

The Arbors is an affordable place to live! Rent varies, depending on where you live.

The Arbors is an upscale retirement community that offers a variety of amenities to its residents. These include a fitness center, swimming pool, and clubhouse. The average monthly cost of living at the Arbors is $2,500.

This includes the cost of rent, utilities, and transportation.

If you’re looking for an affordable place to live, the Arbors may be a good option for you. According to their website, the average cost of living at the Arbors is $1,200 per month. This includes rent, utilities, and other expenses.

While this may seem like a lot at first glance, it’s actually quite reasonable when you compare it to other options in the area. For example, a one-bedroom apartment in Boston can easily cost twice as much as what you would pay at the Arbors. When considering the cost of living, it’s important to factor in all of your expenses so that you can make an informed decision about where you want to live.

If saving money is a priority for you, then the Arbors could be a great option.

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What are the Monthly Costs Associated With Living at the Arbors

The Arbors is an upscale retirement community that offers a variety of amenities and services to its residents. The monthly costs associated with living at the Arbors vary depending on the type of unit you choose and the level of care you need. Independent Living units start at $3,495 per month, while Assisted Living units range from $4,395 to $5,495 per month.

Memory Care units are also available for those who need more specialized care, starting at $5,995 per month. In addition to your monthly rent, there is also a one-time entrance fee of $2,500 which is due when you move in.

How Much Does It Cost to Live at the Arbors


Arbors at Tallwood

Arbors at Tallwood is a beautiful, gated community of townhomes and single family homes located in the heart of Virginia Beach. This highly sought-after neighborhood offers residents a maintenance-free lifestyle with plenty of amenities to enjoy. The clubhouse features a fitness center, pool, and tennis courts, while the grounds are beautifully landscaped with walking trails and ponds.

Homes here range in size from 1,700 to over 3,000 square feet and many have first floor master suites. Prices start in the mid $400s.


Assuming the Arbors is an apartment complex, the cost of living there varies depending on the size and location of the unit. A one bedroom in a smaller complex in a less desirable location may start at $600 per month. But, a two-bedroom unit in a larger, newer complex could be closer to $1,200 per month.

These prices do not include utilities or other monthly bills/costs.

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